The "Center for the Study and Propagation of Myths and Tales" is a public, non-profit and non-governmental organisation. Its founders are people of the arts and literatures (Social Anthropologists, Folklore, Theatrologists, Educators, Actors, Narrators, Artists, Journalists, etc.). Its members reside and work around the world.

The "Center" was born in 2006 because of the need for an institution, both artistic and scientific, to design, organise and implement cultural events and educational activities, highlighting the global folk tradition. To date it has been working with educational and cultural organisations. It aims at rescuing, highlighting and spreading myths, legends, fairy tales, through art shows and educational programs. It aims to develop people's interest in the wealth and importance of intangible cultural heritage and oral tradition, to emphasize the need for their protection, to cultivate and impart ideals and values ​​that contribute to the peaceful coexistence of peoples.

The cultural and educational activities of the Center are developed in Greece and abroad and are aimed at all ages. Particularly pursued is to operate in geographically disadvantaged areas, where access to cultural and educational activities is limited.

Since 2003  "Fairy Tale Festival" in Kea for children and adults.

Since 2008 the first "School of Narrative Art" in Greece and collaborates with artists and scientists from around the world.

In 2011 Mythos founded the creative team "Mythos" with which they implement their artistic productions. The Center records and researches oral tradition and has developed publishing activity that includes storytelling collections.

In 2014 they founded the "House of Fairy Tales - The Museum of Otherwise" which aims to highlight the intangible World Heritage Site and oral tradition. Mythos is located in Athens, in the Acropolis area, and is visited by children and adults, families and schools. It includes exhibition halls, art events and educational activities, and a thematic library-reading room.