Mythstories works with the spoken word. It is a museum of the intangible. It uses its collection of storytelling artefacts to introduce visitors to legends and folklore, to inspire them to a fuller understanding of the storyteller’s craft and to encourage them to be storytellers themselves, passing on oral heritage and keeping it alive.

Mythstories works with Local Education Authorities, Library Services, other museums and arts organisations, and with individual schools on projects using storytelling for enjoyment, entertainment and as a gateway to literacy and lifeskills.

We work with the community on projects that preserve our rich oral heritage and are well known for our work training and encouraging teenage storytellers to find their voices.

The museum houses changing displays of legends and folklore. It is open to the general public and to pre-booked groups. Every visitor experiences a live storytelling. Educational groups participate in workshops and storytellings that are tailor-made for their needs.

The website incorporates a "story-site" with free cross curricular, educational resources suitable for Key Stages 1 to 3.

Mythstories is where words work.