We are a cooperative of artists and technicians in the performing arts. Administered as a SCOP, all the technical, administrative and artistic staff are partners and act in co-responsibility.

The heart of our activity is the creation, production, distribution and transmission of artistic expressions in Occitan, essentially around music and storytelling. We are nourished by the traces left behind, by the memory of storytelling and singing through the collectors who pass on to us the cultures of orality, and through intra and extra Occitan encounters, often rural and transversal. This diverse but localised material is the basis of inspiration for the interpretation and creation of repertoires and projects. Our artistic, cultural and political action is based on our attachment to linguistic and cultural diversity and the defence of the cultural rights of the peoples of a territory. The objective is therefore to "accompany professional artists" who wish to express themselves in their own language and culture. The co-management of the work tool, the mutualisation of resources and means and the transparency of management are the foundations of the organisation of work between the partners. Decisions are taken on the principle of "one person, one vote", regardless of the amount of capital.

We are part of the social and solidarity economy, with a view to ensuring professional sustainability, pooling of the wealth produced and concerted redistribution.