Stichting Schoolverteller


Stichting Schoolverteller is convinced that oral storytelling belongs in the classroom. Storytelling enables education with imagination and fun. Our mission is to teach and inspire both children and educators to tell stories. We achieve this by offering practical workshops and creative storytelling classes, and with educational projects that combine storytelling with other school subjects.

What is your expertise?

We are a team of professional storytellers, that are also qualified and experienced primary school teachers. We combine the best of both worlds: we know how storytelling can be used to reach learning goals and we know how to address students to encourage them to tell their own stories.

What kind of activities do you organise?

We offer storytelling classes for children in primary school age (4-12 years). These can be one-time workshops or courses of several weeks, in schools and/or day care centres.
We organise inspirational days for educators, with lectures and workshops, e.g. about the use of kamishibai at school*), or how to set up a storytelling project with your local museum*).
We provide lesson sheets with ideas for storytelling activities to go with yearly events like Children’s Book Week and World Storytelling Day.
We share our expertise via blog and social media, with simple ready-to-use storytelling activities, articles about the value of storytelling for education and reports of our own positive experiences.
We develop and execute educational projects with applied storytelling, e.g. a history project about local events in the Second World War or a community project*) where neighbours share their life stories in school.
We were involved in the development of Level 1-3 of the EQF for Storytelling
We organise an annual professional meeting for connected ‘Schoolvertellers’ to exchange experiences, tools and exercises that are useful in our work.

What is your motivation to join FEST?

We’d like to exchange knowledge and experiences with storytellers and storytelling organisations abroad, who also work in an educational setting. Knowing of each other’s efforts and successes is inspiring. This knowledge, if possible supported by results of scientific research, could also help to convince educators about the value of storytelling.