Stichting Verhalenderwijs


Stichting Verhalenderwijs wants to promote storytelling by organising and supporting storytelling performances, events and workshops.
The main activity of the Stichting Verhalenderwijs lies in organising a multilingual, international storytelling festival and related events on the Dutch isle of Ameland. Apart from that it supports other storytelling events if asked.

What is your expertise?

Organising multilingual storytelling activities.

What kind of activities do you organise?

Until now the festival 'Expeditie Ameland - a storytelling adventure'  a small special of the festival
We have supported the organisation of a day for storytelling circles in the northern provinces of The Netherlands.

What is your motivation to join FEST?

Because of the international character of our activities we like to join FEST. We hope to inspire and be inspired by our own and other's activities and ideas.