Stiftinga Hilmar Alexandersen


The Hilmar Alexandersen foundation is a nonprofit organisation operated by a board of directors.The mission statement mandates the work of this organisation is to advance cultural traditions, defined as the intangible cultural heritage as adopted in the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage (

As storytelling is one of the five domains outlined by the UNESCO convention, the board has determined that this should be an additional priority area in addition to the already existing areas of folk music and folk dance.

The foundation is establishing a network in central Norway comprised of members who have a connection to storytelling. Members include:

  • Hilmar Alexandersen Foundation
  • Egge Museum, Stiklestad National Cultural Centre
  • Nord University
  • Steinkjer Library
  • Explorative AS /Visit Innherred
  • Friends of Fosdal Mine (Fosdalgruvas Venner)
  • Gruveteatret i Malm (The Mine Theater in Malm)
  • Tindved Kulturhage AS (Tindved Cultural Centre
  • GalleriWidegren AS (the Widegren Gallery)
  • Malm Hotel AS
  • Midtnorsk Fortellerforum (Central Norway Storytelling Forum)
  • Hegdahlgården (Hegdahl Farmsted)
  • Saemien Sijte (South Sami Museum and Cultural Centre)

The network approaches storytelling as:

  • A cultural inheritance with emphasis on Norwegian and Sami cultures
  • An educational tool for all ages from beginners to those at a University level
  • A scenic art form
  • A tool to enhance and promote: tourism, marketing, experiences (for example: film, plays and performances)