The Crick Crack Club


The Crick Crack Club, led by Ben Haggarty, has recreated storytelling as a contemporary performance art in the UK. The country’s premier performance storytelling promoter and programmer – we unleash the rich metaphorical content of international fairytales, epics and myths on the imaginations of contemporary audiences. Our celebrated live events take place in London, across the UK and occasionally beyond. You'll find us in theatres, at festivals, in castles, rose gardens and derelict warehouses...

We have a looooong history – having spent over 25 years as pioneers, supporting artists, challenging preconceptions, lobbying funders, inspiring others, and generally slashing a path through the jungle. When we started there was a tiny handful of professional storytellers in England, now there are hundreds of them - so we reckon we’ve done a pretty good job. And we’re still hard at it!