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The Italian Storytelling Centre is a research group that explores and shares experiences around applied Storytelling. Set up in 2018 in association with the Scottish Storytelling Centre – the first and most important European centre dedicated entirely to storytelling – the Italian Storytelling Centre is inspired by the teachings of the School of Storytelling, Emerson College, in Sussex (UK), the longest running School of Storytelling in Europe and one of the most prestigious in the world. In 2022 the Centre has become an official member of FEST (Federation for European Storytelling).

The Centre is an open group, diverse in its participants’ experiences and future ambitions. Members are linked by the pleasure of learning, developing and experimenting Storytelling methodologies as support tools for social issues, corporate communication, education, team building and entertainment as well as landscape and communities narratives. The heritage of our group is rooted in its old and new members’ individual knowledge and their professional and leisure paths.

The Centre is a non-profit association where founding members and new friends meet to create anddevelop Storytelling strategies with other associations and enterprises that want to develop activities and services based on applied Storytelling.

The Centre is oriented to what is new, in the search for new working methodologies. The Centre believes in a world where everyone can make the tools of Storytelling their own, in order to grow as human beings and as professionals both individually and as a group.

Our headquarters are located in the beautiful, little Medieval village of Portico di Romagna, in the Apennines between Florence and Bologna in Central Italy. We met there for the first time by chance and we are very grateful to the village. In Portico di Romagna we meet several times a year and host our friends from all over the world, offering them a true Italian experience. We also love to pack our bags in order to meet and collaborate with other storytellers in Italy, in Europe and all over the world.