The Village Storytelling Centre

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Storytelling has been at the heart of human expression for as long as we’ve been able to talk. Stories are inspirational, evolving with every telling, every teller and every audience. As a creative activity, storytelling can improve people’s health and wellbeing. At The Village Storytelling Centre, we use the power of storytelling to bring people together and to provide a space for creativity and relaxation.

We use storytelling to support people to increase their confidence and self-esteem by fostering the belief that each of us has stories to tell and that they are worth hearing. We offer people the opportunity to look at their lives differently, to understand that the stories we have always told ourselves or been told about ourselves aren’t set in stone – we can change and shape them.

Story is an excellent way for people to reflect on their situations through the safety of fiction, inspiring them to reframe the past and imagine positive futures. Stories are what happen to us, they’re what we do, and they’re who we are and who we want to be. Storytelling is our way of making sense of the world around us and of finding our own unique voice.