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Regular EC and Board member tasks related to normal roles in the non-profit organisation are non-paid voluntary tasks.
Extra project related tasks (in addition to basic responsibilities) can be paid, depending on a decision taken in the General Assembly by membership vote.

A membership vote is a voting process in which each full member organisation of FEST casts a vote through their elected representative. By delegating a representative to the General Assembly, member organisations give their representative the right to vote in line with the organisation’s interests.

When registering for the conference, each full member organisation has to designate one representative that will vote for them. Voting representatives will receive
voting cards at the beginning of the assembly, which they can hold up to vote.

We suggest that you designate a voting representative who:

1. Can accurately represent the values and priorities of your organisation within FEST,
2. Is prepared to make decisions that are in the best interest of your organisation, and
3. (for non-English-speaking organisations) Has a confident enough grasp on the English
language that they can keep up with the discussion during the General Assembly.

The General Assembly happens every year during the annual FEST conference. The first day of the conference the board and the executive committee present the work that has been done over the past year and future plans.

Yes, you are welcome to observe and discuss at the General Assembly, but you can’t vote.

Yes, please. Send us your suggestions, questions, and concerns so we can put them on the agenda (email us at ).

Every year the FEST board and EC will announce EC/board vacancies. Send us your applications – we need your name CV or resume, and the position you are applying for. One organisation is allowed to nominate multiple candidates. (Your applications has to be nomination has to be approved by your organisation).


Yes, you are most welcome to attend (at a slightly higher cost). You are even welcome to the General Assembly, you just can’t vote.

Yes, non-European organisations can join as associated members by paying the same membership fee (75 Euros). They can attend the conference, but they can’t vote in the General Assembly, or be members of the EC and Board. They can also not apply to EU grants.


The current FEST website is very clunky, and all information has to be put in and updated manually. It is also not very user friendly. In the interest of getting accurate information faster, without hiring full-time staff to handle the site, we decided to create a new FEST website that will not only be better organised, but it will also allow members to put in their information (contact info, logo, upcoming events, etc.) directly, and it will present all that information in easily accessible forms (list / map / calendar etc.).