Carrying the Songs

July 14, 2021

A story is told and recorded on Inis Mór, a small island off the West coast of Ireland. That story is retold, from person to person, travelling across Ireland and Europe through Scandinavia to Istanbul. Along the way, it is translated, processed by peoples’ own memories, experiences and cultures.

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Project Fortaelletid


July 14, 2019

Fortælletid seeks to integrate traditional storytelling in education. We make storytelling performances easily available for schoolchildren by immortalizing performances on video and offering them to Danish primary schools. We use the stories side by side with educational materials that fits the demands, channels and values of the school system. The Fortælletid digital platform is online and has a library of 472 stories in relevant subjects and different languages told by over 60 different storytellers from all over Europe, we reached around 12.000 pupils in Denmark.

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