Storytelling Workshop in Andria

Dates: 30/08 - 2/09/2018 15 hours of training
Venue: Red Cross premises, Andria
Coaches: Steve Killick (Wales), Paola Balbi and Davide Bardi (Italy)

Training of 16 people in cooperation with the Red Cross: guides, volunteers of traditional heritage sites, brail and sign language translators who work to make tourism, sites and cultural experiences accessible to people with sight or hearing disabilities, volunteers who guides disabled people during travels, doctors, nurses and psychologists. The workshop was conceived as an experiment in how to use Storytelling to promote traditional heritage to people with disabilities and to bring the sense of an “outdoor experience” to people who are confined within the walls of hospitals and care homes.

Outcome: The outcome of the experience was beyond expectation: in Andria a group is taking forward the storytelling practice and a second training was already organised by  the National Red Cross to repeat the experience with Steve Killick. The project is also crossing the Italian border as the National Red Cross in U.K also wishes to organise a Storytelling training  project there.

The group in Andria is now presenting a project to the Regional Cultural Authority, to bring Storytelling events into heritage sites, in particular within the Norman Castles, that are an example of how intercultural exchange between different European traditions has a very ancient and sound background in our history.

ROMA in Fabula

Dates: 10-11/02/2019 – 15 hours of training
Venue: Tempio della Grande Dea (Great Goddess Temple)
Via Val di Lanzo 147/148 Roma
Coaches: Michael Harvey (Wales), Paola Balbi and Davide Bardi (Italy)

Training of 15 official professional tour guides of Rome in oral storytelling

The participants were divided in 2 groups based on previous experiences with storytelling, basic and advanced level. The basic level worked on Roman myths linked with specific monuments of Rome that they visit during their tours and developed basic storytelling competences. In the advanced level the students needed to do the research for a practical tour of Rome with stories of their own making. They were asked to select a walk including 4/5 monuments and to find a story to link with each of them. During the workshop we discussed, applied exercises and worked on all projects presented by the students.

Outcome: Many students are successfully applying the tools and theories provided in the workshop to their daily job and they are receiving outstanding feedbacks from participants to their tours and interest in their tours is growing. The coordinators of the tour guide group are actively collaborating with Raccontamiunastoria towards the definition of a definite training with three progressive workshops to develop a recognized qualification of the “Storyteller- Tour Guide”. Ludoguide is very willing to bring forward the project and to make it a flagship in this field.

Hiking guides: a number of hiking and landscape guides also attended the training and also developed Storytelling tours an and walks, in this case related to the landscape and natural heritage. Several project are in development combining a professional storyteller and hiking guide.

(all participants are happy to be interviewed on the project, for more information: )