Master's course - Oral Storytelling as Artistic Research

Oral storytelling as artistic research was a pilot course that was organised in autumn 2020 as a cooperation between Oslomet metropolitan university, department of Art, Design and Drama and Federation for European storytelling (FEST). This was a master level course and gave five ECTS. The idea of building the course, was that 2/3 should take place via digital platforms and 1/3 was planned to be physical presence in the same physical space in Oslo, Norway. Due to Covid19, the entire course 2020, including the exams, was done digitally. The course was finished 30th of October 2020 with an exam that consisted of a solo performance and a written paper.


The course covers two main areas: oral storytelling as performative artform, artistic research and theory.

Oral storytelling as performative - and verbal artform
  • storytelling practice
  • advanced explorative training
  • organisation and management of process and production
Artistic research and Theory
  • artistic research methodology
  • performance theory