Applied Storytelling in Education

In 2011 the Sheherazade project was launched and a set of methodologies and materials for using stories and storytelling in adult learning/teaching were developed and brought together in the manual Sheherazade:1001 stories for adult learning.

In 2021 FEST  launched a survey to learn more about the use of storytelling in teacher training and education in Europe. The survey set out to identify existing industry needs and opportunities, as well as collect examples of good practice. The survey results provide insight into the current state of applied storytelling in Europe and beyond. The purpose of this report is to raise awareness of storytelling for education as well as improve the quality of its use in education. It also provides an overview of available resources to support the work of education and storytelling
The survey generated 69 responses from storytellers based in multiple locations across Europe and other parts of the globe. Storytellers from The United Kingdom contributed 26% of the responses followed by Germany and The Netherlands which made up 20% and 13% respectively. The remaining survey responses came from The Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Poland, France, Turkey, Austria, Portugal, Lithuania, Malta, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Hungary, and India. The wide range of responses has ensured that diverse views and examples have been collected. This contributes towards building a greater understanding of the application of storytelling in teacher training and education.