Research reports on the Storytelling Revival

Contributions to a Theoretical Bibliography

In this report we offer a contribution to a theoretical bibliography on contemporary Oral Storytelling. It tries to cover a wide range of resources, from the Instruction Manuals of the beginning of the last Century to the Academic works of the 21th, including other theoretical works and collected essays. This is a Critical Bibliography offering resources for further research on oral storytelling performance in the context of the Storytelling Revival.

Contributions to a Cultural and Historical Contextualisation

It’s hard to define the artistic practices arising within the context of the Storytelling Revival. This may well be down to an apparent paradox: if, on the one hand, the ubiquity of the act of telling stories tells us that we are all storytellers, or in other words, homo narrans, on the other hand it enables the “storyteller” archetype, meaning, an almost mystified series of skills, to be appropriated by a large variety of artistic languages. In this report we try to overcome these obstacles and help to clarify who are the contemporary artists of the Storytelling Revival, their performances and context.