Storytelling and Newcomers: A European progress report

FEST promotes and supports the use of stories and storytelling techniques in different sectors of society. An overwhelming number of storytellers, trainers and organisers voice their support for storytelling projects involving migrants and refugees.

Storytellers, trainers and organisers from a wide range of European states agree about the positive effects of storytelling on newcomers and recognise a bright future for applied storytelling catering towards this group. In the past, storytellers have already taken on the challenges that comes with an audience of migrants.

Echoes of past experiences are found throughout the European world of storytelling, yet little documentation can be found online in this digital age. Although storytellers, often independent pioneers, have been working with newcomers for decades, few have formalised their work into documented projects. Because of this, new performers and organisers interested in working with migrants face difficulties and problems long overcome by others.

FEST wants to support this work and share good practices in the work with newcomers, therefor FEST launched an on-line survey to analyse the needs related the use of applied storytelling in community work and in working with migrants, newcomers & refugees.