Survey from Pearle Live Performance Europe on the Energy crisis

The invasion of Russia into Ukraine impacts the gas supply in several European countries and results in continuously climbing prices, including on electricity. In addition the heat waves we had in Europe (and other parts of world) and other natural disasters (such as storms and excessive rainfalls) impact on various economic supply chains, shortages of water, …and again results in climbing prices.

These three essential services of general interest (water, electricity, gas) dominate the political debate in many countries as it has major effects on households and industries. It also dominates the debate at European level, as the Commission is considering emergency intervention to rein in energy prices.

With this survey Pearle likes to learn how you are preparing for the winter, what actions you undertake, whether you discuss measures with the government, whether you see the risk of restrictions for the sector, etc.
They also want to get your views on specific actions or advocacy.