FEST CONFERENCE 14-16 June 2023 – Veszprém, Hungary

From Spinning Rooms to Trendy Café's

FEST and Csűrdöngölő Kulturális Egyesület have the pleasure to invite the international storytelling community to the annual FEST conference 2023 in Hungary on June 14 – 16 2022. We invite storytellers from Europe and beyond to visit the vibrant European Capital of Culture Veszprém!

Past Conferences


    Since County Louth is part of the border region between Northern Ireland (U.K.) and the Republic of Ireland, the theme of the conference was Storytelling in Borderlands. On Friday 23 June we traveled to Co. Armagh to visit Emhain Mhacha (Navan Fort), the seat of the ancient Kingdom of Ulster, and Armagh City, which is now the Ecclesiastical Capital of Ireland.

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  • FEST CONFERENCE 2016 – PARIS (France)

    A rendez-vous for exchanging and sharing on different themes, in a framework of workshops and conferences, guided and directed by tellers and teams of both associations (La Maison Du Conte and APAC) as well as by outside participants (professors, researchers as well as artists in other disciplines).

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    “Once upon a time there was a small island that was called Kea. From a distance, it looked just like any other island. But it held a secret! This secret was only known to the nymphs, the good ladies and the fairies that lived at the water sources. I heard someone say that whoever drinks from the sources where the nymphs live, sorrow will not touch him again. They also say that whoever learns the secret from the good ladies becomes a child again and that whoever steals the spells from the fairies becomes wise forever!”

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