FEST CONFERENCE 2021 – Svendborg

6th to 9th of October 2021

Innovation on the Shoulders of Tradition

The FEST 2021 conference - Innovation on the Shoulders of Tradition, is hosted by Fortaeler i Danmark. Each year we welcome over 100 participants and different stakeholders from the international storytelling community inviting them to meet and wield new alliances, share knowledge and best practices, explore and develop new skills. The conference will focus on innovation of the performing art in this changing world, innovation of the tradition of oral storytelling and the role of tradition in renewing the art. We will offer workshops and lectures, open discussions and structured network opportunities. 


The conference will be based in Svendborg, a pretty and historical harbour town of Southern Denmark. From here the conference participants will have a day trip to: Odense, where the Hans Christians Andersen centre, part of University of Southern Denmark will host one or more lectures,


Hotel Svendborg - https://hotelsvendborg.dk/en/welcome/


Supported by

The Creative Europe programme of the EU


Past Conferences


    “Once upon a time there was a small island that was called Kea. From a distance, it looked just like any other island. But it held a secret! This secret was only known to the nymphs, the good ladies and the fairies that lived at the water sources. I heard someone say that whoever drinks from the sources where the nymphs live, sorrow will not touch him again. They also say that whoever learns the secret from the good ladies becomes a child again and that whoever steals the spells from the fairies becomes wise forever!”

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  • FEST Conference Photo 2014


    Västerbotten is known as Sweden?s storytelling region. It is almost the most northerly Swedish region and is larger than Denmark but with a population of only 250,000. This makes for good contact between the inhabitants and the municipality and, once the interest and value of oral storytelling had been established, the municipality saw its value to the region and became a willing funding partner. Skellefteå then adopted the title of Storytelling City, rather than to allow the title to go to the neighbouring city of Umeå, this year selected as European Capital of Culture.

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  • FEST CONFERENCE 2013 – ROME (Italy)

    The FEST 2013 Conference contained a full programme of talks, discussions, presentations and workshops. Following suggestions by FEST Members, the programme focused on: Storytelling and Performance  exploring opportunities for performance training and skills development Storytelling In A Time of Crisis  funding and marketing storytelling in the current economic climate Applied Storytelling  Presentations and examples of work involving storytelling in a social context.

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