FEST CONFERENCE 14-16 June & Pannon StoryFest 16-17 June 2023, Veszprém, Hungary

From Spinning Rooms to Trendy Café's

FEST and Meseszó Association in cooperation with Csűrdöngölő Cultural Association have the pleasure to invite the international storytelling community to the annual FEST conference 2023 in Hungary from 14 – 16 June 2023, followed by the Pannon StoryFest an international storytelling festival from 16 - 17 June. We invite storytellers from Europe and beyond to visit the vibrant 2023 European Capital of Culture, the "City of Queens" in Veszprém -Hungary.

The Theme of the conference is: "From Spinning rooms to trendy cafés" so we will exchange knowledge and experiences on how our intangible cultural heritage transferred into a living and blooming art, we all represent today. 
Our Hungarian Hosts Csűrdöngölő Cultural Association and Meseszó Association are already planning the event and have the desire to make it a fantastic experience for all of us. So bring a long your a good mood, open mind, your voice and instruments so we can share our diverse cultures and represent our unity. 
The event will take place in the Hangvilla Event Center in Veszprém and preliminary Hotel reservation is made in the Hotel Betekints and Villa Medici Hotel. For those looking for budgetary housing options, we will also provide low cost hotel rooms in the dormitory of Pannon University. 
We hope that many of you will choose to stay with us on 17th of June on the Pannon Storyfest which will be an International Storytelling Festival taking place in gorgeous Dubniczay Palace.

Conference Venue

The event will take place in the Hangvilla Event Center, this is the newest multifunctional, community building that organises an area of different programs and events realised with unique features.


Arrival by airplane at Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest

Take the bus or train to Veszprém, press the button 'How to get there' for more detailed information. 


For the 2023 conference FEST will not organise the accommodation. All participants will have to book their own accommodation. 

The conference host has some hotel suggestions, where you can get a special rate with a reduction code these rooms are limited and will only be available until 10 May 2023.  Upon your registration for the conference you will receive an email, within the week with more detailed information concerning the hotels and how you can make a booking. 

Hotel suggestions:

Hotel Betekints 

Prices between €60 and €170/night

20 min walk from Hang Villa

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Veszprémvölgyi u. 4.

Villa Medici Hotel 

prices between €60 and €165/night

20 min walk from Hang Villa

H-8200 Veszprém, Kittenberger utca 11.



Budget option

The host organisation also secured a budget option for accommodation in the form of a hostel/dormitory. 


  • Shared rooms
  • No air conditioning
  • Price: approximately 30,00 Euro/room/night

Don't now what to expect?  

Look at the recap of the previous FEST-conference Lithuania

Invitation FEST Conference 2023



Csűrdöngölő Kulturális Egyesület

Meseszó Egyesület

European Capital of Culture

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