The Conference

The annual Federation for European Storytelling Conference is the biggest meeting of its kind, a unique and diverse gathering of storytelling professionals from all over Europe and beyond. Attended by representatives of national and regional storytelling groups, storytelling trainers, festival organisers, promoters, education specialists, storytelling professionals and funding experts, this is the European storytelling networking opportunity of the year.

FEST CONFERENCE 2020 - Bursa (Turkey)


23 - 26 June 2020
Bursa, Turkey


Past Conferences

  • FEST Conference Photo 2010


    The programme of the conference consisted of discussion and exchange through interest groups, presentation of projects (“Diversity in Storytelling”), guest speakers, the structural development of FEST (council meeting), and free networking time.

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  • FEST Conference Photo 2009

    FEST CONFERENCE 2009 – LAUSANNE (Switzerland)

    FEST 09 was the meeting of 19 countries, represented by 60 storytellers, to determine an international forum or meeting place for European Storytellers. The aim of the Conference was to further the agenda of FEST 08, and to agree on the Memorandum that determined the ambitions, aims and intentions of the FEST organisation as a whole. The Conference also served to bring together many different types of storytelling organisations to share knowledge, information and ideas on current projects, upcoming projects and possible collaborations.

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  • FEST Conference Photo 2008

    FEST CONFERENCE 2008 – OSLO (Norway)

    The Oslo conference was the first gathering of European storytellers that led to the founding of FEST. It was attended by over sixty representatives of nineteen countries: Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and Wales.

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